Details of “final” episode of Enterprise

Set in 24th Century…

Paramount have released details about the “final” episode of Enterprise.

The series finale is called “These Are the Voyages …” and it’s probably no secret by now that this last episode of the Star Trek prequel features two very special guest stars: Jonathan Frakes and Marina Sirtis.

We are keeping mum on story details right now, but Frakes and Sirtis are indeed playing their Next Generation personas Riker and Troi. As co-executive producer Manny Coto mentioned in a recent interview, the finale does not involve time travel — the most we’ll tell you here is that it does involve the Holodeck.

Will it be the “final” episode, according to one report, the space flight industry has donated $3m to keep the series going.

I for one hope that it does continue, as I do really enjoy the series and series four is certainly the best yet.

Why do the Klingons look so different now then they did in the 1960’s?

Why do the Klingons look so different now then they did in the 1960’s?

look they just did…. or is there now a reason…

People often point out that the Klingons from the original series look different to the ones seen in the movies, the Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and now Enterprise.

One explanation was ascribed to varying ‘races’ within the Klingon culture. The raised cranial ridges finally winning control of the empire and taking a prominent role in the public face of Klingon.

Originally there was no “explanation” in terms of Star Trek, it was just that budgets and technology of the 1960s couldn’t do anything more dramatic than a Mongol look. It was the first Star Trek movie which changed the way Klingons looked…

…but now there is!

In the latest episode of Enterprises the reasons why the Klingons of the Kirk era Star Trek look different to the Klingons of the movies, the new Star Trek is finally explained.

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It would seem that the Klingon have been playing with Human DNA and as a result and accidently created a virus which “dissolves” the cranial ridges and makes the Klingons look like the ones see in classic episodes such as The Trouble with Tribbles. You can now understand why Worf indicated that Klingons don’t like to talk about it….

Germans Invade USA

Germans Invade USA in alternate history episode of Enterprise…

Season four of Enterprise (Star Trek) will start in October in the USA. As season three has not been shown on terrestial television in the UK (or if it has I certainly missed it) I don’t know when we will see this in the UK.

However for fans of alternative history, the opening double episode certainly looks interesting.

With the Germans invading mainland USA in World War Two, Captain Archer and Enterprise thrown back in time, the timline has been contaiminated…

The trailer shows P51 Mustangs attacking an Enterprise shuttle and a Jagdtiger outside the Whitehouse.