Lizardman Dinosaur

Okay I am on a train without web access so I can’t check for sure all the details, but this is a fantastic Lizardman conversion that was used for the Lustria campaign.

There are details in the current UK White Dwarf which has more details, but I also don’t have that to hand either!

I do like this model, and was disappointed to find out that it wasn’t available (not even from Forgeworld) and was a conversion – and I don’t even really play Warhammer Fantasy Battle.

It strikes me as a perfect model for Forgeworld, but they don’t seem to make many models for Warhammer Fantasy Battle.

Where for example are the Forgeworld Imperial Steam Tanks? Why can’t we see some Ork Wyvern variants? What would you like to see Forgeworld make for Warhammer?

True we do have dragons and yes there are the Ogre cavalry, but it all seems such a small range compared to the stuff they do for Warhammer 40K.

I guess it boils down to sales. Are Warhammer players not buying “big” things because they don’t want them, or are they more competitive and don’t buy them unless they can use them in a competition?