New Forge World Deimos Predator Executioner

Forge World have released another retro Predator model, this time the Executioner.

Forge World Deimos Predator Executioner
Forge World Deimos Predator Executioner

One of the most prized, and almost lost, Predator tank patterns is the Deimos Pattern Predator Executioner, which mounts a rare Executioner-pattern Plasma Destroyer. This ancient and powerful weapon fires a series of sun-hot plasma blasts capable of incinerating flesh and blasting apart even power armour with contemptuous ease. Only the forge world of Ryza is still able to manufacture the advanced photo-plasmic cells needed for the Executioner weapon, so many chapters whose Techmarines have sufficient skill and knowledge replace the Plasma Cannon with a Heavy Conversion Beamer.

This turns the Predator Executioner into an extremely powerful siege unit and long-range tank destroyer, but this firepower is gained at the cost of manoeuvrability and increased vulnerability to short-ranged attacks. That such a modification carries a long-standing seal of remittance from the Adeptus Mechanicus speaks of cataclysmic battles in a forgotten age, in which such devastating firepower was more common, and more necessary.

I quite like the retro theme that Forge World are going through, certainly taking me back to when I started playing Warhammer 40K twenty five years ago when it was first released. Back then I didn’t really have the money to buy lots of models, whereas now I don’t really have the time to paint lots of models….

Quite hope that they start thinking about doing some retro Ork stuff, it would be really nice to see Forge World updated versions of the Ork Dreadnought, the War Buggy and the War bikes.