Doing the Decals

British Decals

I haven’t quite worked out the process of adding decals to my Flames of War tanks. I am not sure if I should give the models a wash first, or after adding the decals.

As for the actual process of applying the decals, there are quite a few articles on the web (and in rules and magazines) on how best to apply decals.
Battlefront even have a video…

…which I must watch at some point.

The process I think I am going to try is to paint the areas for the decals with a gloss varnish. Once that is dry, apply the decals and allow to dry. Then I am going to apply a decal fixer. After that is dry and at this point I will add the weathering to the model. The final stage will be to add a matt varnish to the whole model.

The other problem I have, is despite reading a range of articles on the subject, I am still not entirely sure what decals to apply and where.

There is this article on the Battlefront website, but I know that even after reading this I may get the placement of the insignia just plain wrong.

I think I might need pictures of what the finished article looks like. Still a fair amount of work to do.