Das Book


Managed to pick up a copy of Das Book for Flames of War, which was recently released.

Das Book is the Flames of War field manual for the consummate WWII general. With all the tools and tactics you need to play a one on one engagement with a friend or enter the tournament arena and destroy your opponent’s forces. Know your enemies strengths and weaknesses, understand the missions and objectives, learn how to use the terrain and fortifications of the battlefield to your armies best advantage.

I thought the book was very good value at £6 and what with all the extra rules and stats will be very useful once I have finished painting my Flames of War models and start gaming.

A5 in size it fits well with the rulebook from the Open Fire starter set.

Still tempted though to buy the hardback version of the rules. It costs £30 from Hobbycraft where I bought the Open Fire set and £30 from the main Flames of War website, but the Flames of War Rulebook on Amazon (and sold by Amazon) for just over £20.