Crossly Light Tender

The first Crossley vehicles in the Royal Flying Corps were six cars bought in 1913 for driving staff officers around. By November 1918 around 6,000 Crossly vehicles had entered service.

This Crossly 20/25hp Light Tender was on display at RAF London.

The most common body was the Light Tender, shown here. 

Each squadron had eleven of these for carrying the airmen and towing small trailers and aeroplanes. Two Crossley Staff Cars were used for transporting the officers.

Crossley 25/30 hp Tenders were utilised by the British Army in Ireland from 1919 until their withdrawal in 1922. The Irish Army continued to use them for troop transport throughout the Civil War period. 

The 20/25 model was also the first vehicle to be supplied to London’s Metropolitan Police Flying Squad in 1920, some of which were fitted with radio equipment.