Crazy Ivan for real…

The future is assault submarines and the future is now…

If you look deep into my website you can find references to a set of rules I started writing called Crazy Ivan, which was a set of near-future submarine rules.

I never really got them finished (maybe I should create a wiki for them).

However I was reading The Register and found this wonderful article about how the US Navy is converting old Trident subs into troop (frogmen) carrying assault subs.

The rebuilt vessels can nowadays carry 66 elite special-forces frogmen, who will typically be Navy SEALs or possibly members of the new US Marines MARSOC outfit. Some reports suggest that up to 102 underwater warriors may be able to cram in for short periods. The subs will have a “dry hangar”, an underwater docking bay allowing the frogmen to deploy from their mother ship aboard SEAL Delivery Vehicles (SDVs), minisubs which can carry them in to enemy coastlines.

The future is assault submarines and the future is now.