Recently on the Yesterday channel here in the UK, they have been showing the 1970s BBC Series, Colditz.

This classic series deals with Allied prisoners of war imprisoned at the supposedly escape-proof Colditz Castle during World War II, and their many attempts to escape captivity, as well as the relationships formed between the various nationalities and their German captors.

I do remember watching it back then and usually I avoid watching things I recall from the 1970s and 1980s as my nostalgic memories are often dashed when I view them now. The Channel Island drama, Enemy At The Door was also on recently and to be honest though I remember enjoying it back when it was first on, it seemed somewhat more soap opera than world war two drama.

So when I found that Yesterday were showing Colditz, I thought I would remember it from my nostalgic memories rather than ruin them by watching it again.

However looking through the listings describing the episodes, I was intrigued by the episode Tweedledum.

One memorable episode portrays the attempts of a prisoner, Wing Commander Marsh (Michael Bryant), to get out of Colditz by feigning insanity. He succeeds, but is pushed to the limits of his sanity in the process…

I did watch it, and was impressed, it certainly was worth the awards it won. As a result I watched more episodes. Slightly disappointed that I had missed so many, but at least it is available on DVD.

If you like 1970/80s world war two dramas, then you will enjoy Colditz. With an excellent cast, great writing and some poignant stories, it is a series well worth watching.