Cemetery Sam

Cemetery Sam is part of OW11/7 The Town Vigilance Committee one of the packs of Old West miniatures from Foundry.

I based the model on a two pence piece. I do like this model, and I think it could also be used for Victorian Science Fiction scenarios.

I used Citadel sand on the base, before giving the model a white undercoat. I then painted his suit and top hat with black paint.

"Excuse me sir…"

I was looking for some other stuff when I found some more Wargames Foundry Old West figures. This is Cemetery Sam.

Cemetery Sam

He is from the Old West Townsfolk – The Town Vigilance Committee – OW117 set.

I was thinking of buying some Victorian models to go alongside my Victorian Science Fiction vehicles, but here I had some all the time. My intention after painting them is to use them with the Old West rules.