Kroq-Gar riding a Carnosaur

Kroq-Gar, the Last Defender of Xhotl is an ancient Saurus Oldblood, last of the Saurus warriors from the ruined temple-city of Xhotl.

This model was on display at Warhammer World.

Kroq-Gar riding a Carnosaur

First spawned in the city of Xhotl with only a handful of other Saurus, all of which were marked by the god and had a inherent ability to dominate the beasts and monsters of the jungle. Kroq-Gar himself claimed the most aggressive Carnosaur of a brood reared when he was spawned.

Saurus Scar-Veteran on Carnosaur

Saurus Scar-Veteran on Carnosaur at Warhammer World.

Disciplined beyond fault, trained to make unerring decisions in the heat of battle, Saurus Scar-Veterans are great champions of the seraphon. Always found where the fighting is at its most intense, their ferocity and tenacity are an inspiration to to massed ranks of seraphon that follow them. Far from mere berserkers, Scar-Veterans demonstrate an impressively cool temperament, choosing their battles relatively carefully. They ride mighty Carnosaurs, whose maws are lined with teeth as large and sharp as swords; these enormous saurian horrors are enough to decimate entire enemy armies.