Scenery for Moderns and WWII

Try your local model railway shop…

I was in my local toyshop looking for presents for my son, when I checked out the model railway section.

Two things caught my eye for having a use on the gaming table, Hornby’s Skaledale range and the Cararama range of 1/72nd vehicles.

Hornby’s Skaledale range is a superb range of ready painted resin UK 1/72nd buildings that would be excellent for any Operation Sealion type game. This pub is typical of the quality of the range.

There is also a range of modern stuff that could be used for a modern type scenario. These skips are an example of the Skaledale range.

You can see pictures of all the range on the Hornby website.

There is also a N gauge range which could be used with 15mm figures at a push. 15mm is approx 1/100th scale and N is 1/160th scale.

The Cararama range of vehicles would be ideal for any moderns game in providing some real background scenery. These are highly detailed scale model cars.

There are also quite a few for a scenario set in the 1960s.