Capitain Craupaud – Darkest Africa

I have been sculpting the bases and painting some more Foundry miniatures from their Darkest Africa range that I am going to use with my Tally Ho! rules as well as Old West games.

Standing somewhat aloof, Capitain Craupaud holds his pistol ready for anything,

Still a fair of work to do.

Capitain Craupaud

“I think he might be French”

Capitain Craupaud

This is another of my Darkest Africa miniatures from the A League of Exceptional Gentleman – DA012 range.

He is certainly an elegant chap, holding his pistol as though wary of what might happen just around the corner.

I am intending to use these models in Old West scenarios as well as Tally Ho! adventures set in Africa and Asia. I also think they are ideal Victorian Science Fiction miniatures.