XXX White Dwarf

Managed to get the limited edition model today…

This weekend, White Dwarf magazine celebrates its thirtieth birthday. Issue number one was first published back in may 1977.

I only started reading White Dwarf around issue fifty, in the main when it started to cover Warhammer and the articles on miniatures and painting increased.

Games Workshop have released a new Limited Edition miniature and I decided that I would get one. It was only going to be on sale on the 26th and 27th May.

So I arrived at Games Workshop in Cribbs Causeway at 9.02am to find of the fifteen models they had in stock, eleven had already been sold in the first two minutes since they opened.

I did get mine though I did notice that everyone who was buying it was an old git like me, as in we could remember buying and playing first edition Warhammer!

I did consider getting two, one to paint and one to gather dust… but though I am sure I could have made a mint on eBay at some point, I decided I would rather leave it on the shelf and let someone else have a chance to buy it.

What was nice was they every customer got a random free blister pack. This is where my luck ran out, as I only managed to get some Chaos Space Marines (and you know how I feel about Chaos) and some Black Templar Space Marine backpacks (really useful, not). I got two free blisters as I made two purchases, I also bought an Ork Kommando with Burna, but that’s another posting another day.

I do like the limited edition model and it will form part of my (very) small Dwarf army I am building.

I will write up a workbench feature on how I paint up the model.