Third and Fourth Doctors

From the Doctor Who Exhibition on Brighton Pier…

The exhibition in the first part covered the history of the previous doctors and behind each screen was a monster which could be seen when a light was illuminated.

Third and Fourth Doctors

This shows the third and fourth doctor and behind (you can see if you try hard enough) is a Sea Devil (there is a picture of one on the screen as well).

I hope that we do see the return of the Sea Devils.

Doctor Who Exhibition on Brighton Pier…

Whilst on holiday I did manage to get to see the new Doctor Who exhibition on Brighton Pier.

Doctor Who Exhibition

Full of stuff from the new series there is also some older stuff including a Sea Devil and a Cyberman.

It costs £6 for an adult which considering the small size is quite expensive, but I really enjoyed looking around.

I will post more pictures over the next few days.