Valentine Bridgelayer

This Valentine Bridgelayer was on display at the Tank Museum at Bovington.

Valentine Bridgelayer

The Valentine Bridgelayer was a British armoured bridgelayer tank based on the Valentine Infantry Tank MK II. It was turretless and fitted with a 10-meter (33 ft) long, 2.90-meter (9 ft 6 in) wide Class 30 (capable of bearing 30 long tons (34 short tons)) scissors bridge. The bridge could be deployed in 2.5 minutes and could carry a wide range of vehicles, including tanks, trucks, and artillery.

The Valentine Bridgelayer was first produced in 1942 and saw action in North-West Europe, Italy, Burma, and Manchuria. It was a valuable asset to Allied forces, allowing them to quickly and safely cross rivers, streams, and other obstacles.

The Valentine Bridgelayer was a well-designed and reliable vehicle. It was based on the proven Valentine tank chassis, which was known for its durability and ease of maintenance. The scissors bridge was also a very effective design, and it was able to withstand a great deal of weight.

The Valentine Bridgelayer was a vital piece of equipment for Allied forces during World War II. It helped them to overcome a variety of obstacles and to achieve victory.

Here are some additional facts about the Valentine Bridgelayer:

    • It was the first British armoured bridgelayer to be produced in large numbers.
    • It was used by a variety of Allied forces, including the British, Canadians, Americans, and Soviets.
    • The Valentine Bridgelayer was a very versatile vehicle. It could be used to cross a variety of obstacles, including rivers, streams, ditches, and craters.
    • It was also used to support infantry operations and to provide cover for engineers.

The Valentine Bridgelayer was a highly successful vehicle, and it played an important role in Allied victory during World War II.