Blackburn Beverley

The Blackburn B-101 Beverley is a heavy transport aircraft produced by the British aircraft manufacturer Blackburn Aircraft. It was notably the only land-based transport airplane built by Blackburn, a company that otherwise specialised in producing naval fighter aircraft.

Only a single Beverley has survived, the first production aircraft XB259. There is currently a fund raiser to move the aircraft. In late January 2024 the Solway Aviation Museum acquired the aircraft and launched a £60,000 appeal for donations to cover the costs of further dismantling work then transporting the aircraft to Carlisle for restoration and permanent display there.

Blackburn Beverley

A photograph was released of the Blackburn Beverley and the camouflage scheme did remind me of something. Back in January 2023 I wrote a piece about an idea I had for an alternate Desert Storm set in 1959.

The re-release of the (Airfix) Fairey Rotodyne reminded me of an idea I had for an alternative history background for gaming. The basic premise was a Desert Storm background but with 1950s tanks, aircraft, helicopters and VTOL craft like the Fairey Rotodyne.

I also mentioned that:

I would have painted the models in a desert camouflage similar to the US Desert Battle Dress Uniform (DBDU).

Though not quite the scheme I was thinking about, the camouflage scheme on the Blackburn Beverley, which I am guessing is based on a real RAF camouflage scheme. So I am now thinking to use the actual RAF scheme.

Also see the Instagram Airfix posts on the Blackburn Beverley for more photographs.