Space Marine Assault Squad

Space Marines who excel in the fury of close combat are organised into Assault squads and equipped with jump packs that allow them to take the fight to the enemy in brutal close-quarter fighting. Armed with a mixture of pistols and swords, they are terrifying foes in battle, dropping from above like flaming angels of death.

Space Marine Assault Squad

I was given a box of the Space Marine Assault Squad by my son, after thinking about painting them as Grey Knights I decided in the end to paint them as “normal” Marines. I wanted the bases to be different so made use of the resin pieces I had got from various basing kits and from the Mines, Bombs and Booby Traps box.

Space Marine Assault Squad bases

The plastic models look relatively simple to construct, but I always seem to get caught out sticking on the arms and shoulder pads with GW Space Marines.

First stage was fixing the legs to the torso.

I then made up the jetpacks.

These were then affixed to the Marine bodies.

I do like the beaky helmets, problem for nostalgic reasons… pity you only get one in the box.