I re-watched ALIENS the other day, and it was a reminder what an excellent film it is. The concept of Colonial Marines on a bug hunt is an appealing scenario for gaming.

I did buy the ALIENS boardgame, though I have no idea where it is now. That was a fun game, very much like Space Hulk. A small group of Colonial Marines is holed out and blips from all corners descend on them. I should of course actually say how much Space Hulk is like the ALIENS film!

There was also other games and gaming books based on ALIENS and though I know I bought a few again I have no idea where they are – I probably sold them on eBay!

I think the only reason that I didn’t spend a lot of time playing a miniatures game based on ALIENS was the miniatures that were available were not up to the standard I thought they should be. The aliens were fine, but the Colonial Marines were too much like cartoons. Oh and the hardware wasn’t up to scratch either. Can’t remember who made them, anyone know?

I think rather than recreate scenes from ALIENS I’ll just have a few games of Space Hulk.