Doctor Who: The Nameless City

As part of the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who, there are going to be eleven short novels from famous authors covering (as you might have guessed) all eleven Doctors.

The first book was released last month and in February the book features (as you might expect) the second Doctor.

When Jamie McCrimmon brings the Second Doctor a mysterious book, little does he realise the danger contained within its pages. The book transports the TARDIS to a terrifying glass city on a distant world, where the Archons are intent on getting revenge on the Time Lord for an ancient grudge.

I quite like these short novels, and will probably get them all.

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2nd Doctor

The Second Doctor was the second incarnation of the Time Lord known as the Doctor. Though outwardly warm, bumbling, and somewhat clownish, this version of the Doctor had a darker, more cunning aspect to his personality — one which he usually kept hidden in order to better carry out his plans.

Back in the 1990s Harlequin Miniatures produced a licensed range of 28mm metal miniatures and one of the blisters I got was of the second Doctor.