Heer 1946

One of the games at the wargames show at Bovington that I did a good look at was this 15mm 1946 game complete with a range of alternate German and Allied tanks that were designed, but either were too late for action, or never got further than the drawing board. I have to admit I never got round to checking what actual models were represented on the table, but there were E-100 and E-50 tanks as well as Panther IIs.

This photograph shows a Sarissa Precision Factory. I really do like this model (and the huge one for 28mm too). Around it are finished and partly finished tanks of a variety of types.


A large tank on a railway wagon. The table also had a lot of HO 1/87th scale buildings that did not seem out of place on the table. There are a range of HO buildings that would be ideal for 15mm games, especially those of the industrial variety.


Here is another Sarissa Precision factory with a couple of JagdTigers outside. As with the other, it looks like the RAF has been busy trying to stem the production of these new German tanks.


Here is a overview of the table. There were TT scale trains, wagons and track (which are just about an appropriate scale for 15mm).


In the box to the side of the tables were 15mm models of the Black Prince, the Tortoise and Centurion Mk1 tanks.


All of these could be found (for real) in the Tank Museum itself.

15mm E-50

Having posted a few of Forged in Battle’s pictures earlier I had a look back at what other photographs they had posted. A month or so back they had posted their model of the E-50.


This was a future tank design that never got further than the drawing board.

Really liking these future models. It was nice to read on their Facebook page that they are going to make a British Centurion and possibly the Black Prince too.

15mm Soviet Tanks for 1946

Forged in Battle have released some photographs of new tanks to oppose the German super heavy tanks they have already shown.


The T-44 was a medium tank first produced towards the end of the Second World War by the Soviet Union. It was the successor to the famous T-34. Fewer than two thousand T-44s were built, but the design became the basis for the T-54/55 series of main battle tanks, the most-produced tank of all time.


The SU 101 and SU102 were experimental Soviet propelled artillery units developed during World War II. Were created in the Uralmash design office in autumn 1944 – spring 1945 based on the chassis of medium tanks T-44 and T-34-85 and were intended to replace the SU-100. Despite the prospects and high performance for its time, with the end of the war, it was decided to terminate further work on them in connection with inexpediency deployment of new SPG based on tanks units of war period, are not fully met the requirements of the operating time of peace.