RAF Regiment Scorpion CVR(T) FV101

This RAF Regiment Scorpion light tank was at RAF Cosford that was on display in the Cold War exhibition.

RAF Regiment Scorpion CVR(T) FV101

The FV101 Scorpion is a British armoured reconnaissance vehicle. It was the lead vehicle and the fire support type in the Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance (Tracked), CVR(T), family of seven armoured vehicles. Manufactured by Alvis, it was introduced into service with the British Army in 1973 and served until 1994.

Scorpion became the first of a whole family of fighting vehicles including Scimitar, Striker and Samaritan. It served in the Falklands and the Gulf as well as being a success on the export market.

The RAF Regiment’s mission is protection of RAF bases from ground attack, and patrolling a large area around main operating bases abroad, in order to defend aircraft on ingress and egress from surface to air attack.

It was in November 1981, the RAF Regiment took delivery of its first Scorpions.

Scorpion Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance CVR(T) FV101 at Duxford.

Scorpion Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance (tracked) FV101 at Bovington.

I have some Team Yankee Scorpions, they are currently in the process of being painted as BAOR versions.

Some thoughts on the RAF Regiment Scorpion.

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