Purity Seals on my Grey Knights Landspeeder

Having finished most of the metal bodywork on my Grey Knights Landspeeder I went and painted the purity seals using a Foundation Paint.

Grey Knights Landspeeder

It covered the black undercoat really well compared to normal Citadel colour. There are quite a few on the model, I used the resin purity seals available from Forgeworld rather than make my own. You can make your own using paper and green stuff for the seals, but the Forgeworld ones are much easier to use and I think much better than I could do.

Grey Knights Landspeeder

When I was editing the photographs for this blog entry I was quite pleased with the way the metal finish appeared (in close-up) on the Landspeeder body.

Grey Knights Landspeeder

This was done with Boltgun Metal. I still need to add some highlights.

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