Ork Trukk, undercoated and drybrushed

I have done more work done on my Ork Trukk.

Here is a picture of the Trukk now undercoated.

Ork Trukk

As you can see I also added a spare tyre. The front of the back section which normally is at an angle has been glued in vertically, this will make it look “slightly” different to the other Trukk.

The frontal armour plate was undercoated white as it will be painted red.

The whole model was then drybrushed with Tin Bitz and Boltgun Metal.

Ork Trukk

This can be somewhat messy and as you can see I will need to go over the tyres again.

This shot shows the spanner and the red frontal armour plate.

Ork Trukk

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