Ork Trukk Assemblies

When it comes to painting my Ork Trukk, though at the unpainted stage it looks like this….

Ork Trukk Assemblies

It isn’t in fact all stuck together.

The cab is separate…


As is the cargo bed. I included the ramps and “rollbars” though for future models I probably won’t. Aiming to have a variety of Ork Trukks, not a production line!


The gunner cupola went together pretty easily, though I kept the Ork gunner separate for painting. I have also kept both him…


…and the driver separate from their respective places in the cab.


The reason is that the cab and cargo bed, will be painted a different colour, whilst the chassis and the crew will be undercoated in black and be drybrushed.

See the workbench feature on this Ork Trukk.

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