Ork Big Trakk with Supa Kannon

One of the highlights of GamesDay 2009 for me was the fantastic Ork Shanty Town display that Forge World did. There were many of the new Forge World models including the excellent Ork Big Trakk. A turbine powered Ork tracked vehicle with twin Big Shootas. This model though has been given the Supa Kannon.


I really like this model, which combined with Trukks and Halftrakks gives the Orks a variety of vehicles that you would expect to find in their forces. Another view of the model.

The weapon choices also add variety, not just for Forge World vehicles, but also for the plastic Trukk and Battlewagons.

Current rumours abound that in 2010 we will see new plastic  Wartrakks and Buggies. We have already seen nice new plastic Killa Kans and Dreads.

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