Orc War Wyvern

This is the old Citadel Orc War Wyvern, which is from the Games Workshop archive and was on display at Warhammer World.

An early release for Warhammer, I do in fact have one of these, somewhere! I remember having real issues gluing the wings using an epoxy resin glue, which I used back them to stick models together. Even then I then added lots of Milliput to keep them attached to the body. Today I would probably need to pin the wings to the body and use green stuff to fill the gaps.

I don’t appear to have a photograph of my model, maybe I should dig through my storage boxes and see if I can dig it out.

This model also looked it was on display at GamesDay 2006, going back through my photo archive.

Well there appear to be a few differences, in the model at Games Day the wings are joined and the box is quite mint. The more recent photograph shows sticky tape attached to the box as well as price…


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