Legiones Astartes Support

We are now starting to see some of the other models that will be released for Legion Imperialis.

Over on Warhammer Community they are showing off the contents of the Legiones Astartes Support box.

Legiones Astartes Support

In the box you get four Leviathan Dreadnoughts, four Deredeo Dreadnoughts, four Rapier batteries with crew, and four Tarantula Batteries.

This box is packed with heavy firepower. Leviathan Dreadnoughts are some of the toughest units to crack below Knight-scale, and are more than capable of messing up heavy tanks with their mix of weaponry. They’re joined by Deredeo Dreadnoughts, which are absolutely stacked with devastating long-range armaments.

The Legiones Astartes Support box also adds Rapier Batteries to this selection of Dreadnought death-dealers. These semi-automated carriages are used when Legions need to rapidly deploy ordnance that is too heavy for even Legionaries to carry unaided, trundling into terrain unfriendly to tanks. Tarantula Sentry Batteries armed with lascannons or Hyperios air-defence launchers are generally deployed as point-defence weapons, but are often dropped in ahead of the main Legion battleline as disposable assets, where they exact a heavy toll on advancing opponents.

These are all plastic models and all look very nice. I do wonder how fiddly they will be to put together.

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