Going back to the Battlewagon.

This plastic battlewagon kit was released by Games Workshop on the 3rd January 2009 and I picked mine up on the 4th January. I had hoped to paint the model quite quickly, well nearly ten years later, maybe not.

The last stage I left the model was back in 2010 when I had drybrushed the black parts of the model. It then got left for a while, well it got left for quite a few years!

So I recently unearthed it from storage with the intention of finishing it off. It was in seperate parts still, so for this photograph I fitted the parts to see how the model could look.

I had used my old method for painting vehicles, which was to paint the “metal” parts with Chaos Black and then use a different colour on the bodywork. I had used a masking process in painting the superstructure and keeping the underbody black. I decided not to repaint the black parts and just use weathering techniques to lighten their dark colour.

I did consider respraying the model as I had done with the Kill Bursta with Zandri Dust spray, but in the end decided I wanted it to look different to the Kill Bursta.

I painted some details of the model with Ushabti Bone. I also used XV-88 and Balor Brown on some of the panels. This is really to break up the predominant colour of the model. However I didn’t do too many, as I didn’t want a patchwork effect.

I washed the model with Seraphim Sepia Shade, before using some Nuln Oil and Agrax Earthshade shades on specific parts of the model.

After washing the model I glued all the components together. The tracks, wheels and the front spikey roller thingy.

I drybrushed the model with XV-88. This was done all over the model before then doing a lighter drybrush with a mix of XV-88 and Ushabti Bone, before finally finishing off with some Ushabti Bone.

I then took some Citadel Dry paint, Golgfag Brown and using a smaller drybrush added patches here and then across the model to represent rusty or rusting patches on the wagon.

I also used Golgfag Brown on the tracks and spikey roller.

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