Forge World Ork Halftrakk

January 2008 saw the release of the new Ork Trukk. I had expected to see some Forge World conversion kits relatively quickly, however though we saw the Flakk Wagon at GamesDay 2008, it wasn’t until July 2009 that we saw the first actual Forge World variant Ork Trukk kit, the Ork Half Trakk.

So this is what you get in the box, a complete shrink wrapped plastic Trukk kit and a bag of resin.


As you might expect the resin consists of the wheels, tracks and wheels for the tracks. There is also a new engine which replaces the plastic one included with the kit.


Here is a photo of all the resin pieces.


One problem though (and you can see this above) is that I only had a single rear sprocket.


The left one was missing…. A quick phone call to Forge World and a few days later the missing left sprocket had arrived. I have had virtually no issues with Forge World models in the past and this was the first missing part I had in any of the models I had made up to now.

Read the full workbench feature on my Ork Halftrakk.

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  1. I’ve had a few missing parts from FW kits, but they always promptly replace those.

    I am building two Flakk trukks right now, one with the half-trakk and another with the resin engine from the half-trakk kit. The tracks were a bit warped, so some hot water treatment was needed to bend them to the correct shape.


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