Forge World Open Day 2011

Last minute problems meant that my plans to attend the Forge World Open Day fell apart, therefore like the rest of the gaming world I am reliant on other sites for news and pictures.

The Forge World Heavy Transport mentioned in a Forge World newsletter was not the Capitol Imperialis or Leviathan that was hoped for, but is basically an armoured Gorgon, a mobile pillbox.

Alas Warseer, a great source for pictures is currently “unsafe” and as a result is not available. Some of the Warseer pictures managed to get out though and you can see more on this site (in German).

Another release on show was this Forge World kit for the Dark Eldar.

I’ve always thought the Dark Eldar vehicles should have more sails.

Really nice.

Also on show were some nice new models from Warhammer Forge. Much of those we have already seen, but there was a big “bull” steed or monster, large Skaven rat monster, new Chaos Dwarfs and a Chaos Siege Giant.

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