Flames of War German Armoured Train

In this month’s Wargames Illustrated we get to see our first look at the German Armoured Train, which will be released on the 3rd March.

Unlike the Polish armoured train, the German Armoured Train is split between four/five boxed sets, one of which has already been released. We have already seen the Tank Hunter Cars that I quite like.

The four new releases are the Locomotive and Anti-aircraft car (pictured above) alongside an Artillery car and an Infantry car.

I have a bit of a thing about armoured trains, but did stop short of buying the Polish one when it was released.

However I am quite tempted by this one.

Of course most of my Flames of War models are based around the Normandy Campaign, don’t think the Germans used Armoured Trains in Normandy, but if you have any info on that would be pleased to hear it. Otherwise I will be out buying some T-34s.

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