Finishing the construction

The Typhon is named for the ‘Great Beast’ of Terran myth, and lives up to its namesake in sheer brutal strength. Sharing a basic chassis with the Spartan Assault Tank, this heavy tank serves as a mobile gun-platform with enough power to operate a single massive piece of siege artillery – the dreadhammer cannon.

I’ve always liked the Forge World model and so was pleased to get one of the new plastic kits for my Imperial Fists force.

Having started constructing the model, I finished it off. Attaching the tracks to the hull was a lot easier than I thought it would be.

I have kept the tracks off, despite the instructions indicating they should be stuck on. These will be painted separately.

I still have to construct the sponson weapons, and I am still deciding which ones to attach to this beast.

The Typhon has four exhausts compared to the two on the Proteus Land Raider.

I decided to use the hull plates instead of the hull doors on the model.

I kept the dreadhammer siege cannon separate, and its accompanying armour shield. The instructions indicated that the weapon mounts should be stuck on once the weapon is in place. I decided that I would cheat slightly and affix the weapon mounts to the weapon.

These would then be painted Leadbelcher like the cannon.

This is how it is looking, a dry fit with the dreadhammer siege cannon in place.

The next stage will be a white undercoat.

See the workbench feature on the Typhon Heavy Siege Tank.

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