Feral Ork Cyboars

Liking my first two Ork Boar Boyz and working on a third, I decided I would model two more riders in a similar style to my other Boar Boyz. The first part of the rider model is the boar rider legs from the Warhammer Fantasy Orc Warriors sprue, though any Orc Boar Rider legs should work.

 Orc Warriors Sprue

Unlike my other three Boars, for these models I also ordered some metal Cyboar heads from the old Snakebitez bitz range – this was before Games Workshop rationalised their online bitz store.

This is my favourite which has a lot of armour plates and cybernetics.

You can see how big the heads are compared to the plastic boar bodies.

Again like the other head, enhanced with cybernetics.

Next stage is to glue all the bitz together.

See the full workbench feature on these Feral Ork Cyboars.

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