Cursed City Returns this March

Announced on Warhammer Community today, Cursed City Returns this March. Warhammer Quest: Cursed City is the an instalment in the smash-hit adventure game franchise.

Cursed City

Join with up to three other players to fight back against the undead scourge infesting the Cursed City, an ancient settlement gripped by a terrible curse thanks to a foolhardy deal struck with vampire lord Radukar the Wolf. Play as one of 8 beleaguered heroes trapped within the ancient city’s walls. Each adventure is a race against time, as when the sun sets the dead grow in power and fall upon anyone unlucky enough to remain in Ulfenkarn’s streets.

A year ago the original boxed game sold out in what felt like minutes when originally released.

I did think about buying it, even though impossible to get through my usual discounted suppliers, another of my FLGS had a copy at full price for a while, so I had a chance. In the end I said no.

This time, hmmm. There is a lot in the box with sixty miniatures and lots of boards and cards.

The thing is I don’t even need to panic worry so much.

Don’t think you’ll be able to grab a copy this March? There’s no need to worry – Cursed City will be receiving a full relaunch later this year, along with some juicy new expansions.

I am still tempted though.

I am also tempted by the re-release of Blackstone Fortress as well.

Decisions, decisions.

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