The Great War

The Great WarI have started to paint some models for The Great War. I am intending to use The Great War rules which were published by Warhammer Historical

When war broke out in August 1914, the majority of military commanders felt that the war would be over by Christmas. The early clashes developed into huge offensives all ending in stalemate.

Battlefield technology and tactics evolved at a spectacular pace with the tank, airplane support and coordinated bombardment becoming commonplace.

As 1918 dawned these new weapons of war spearheaded the offensives, but it was still the soldier’s war to win or lose, where men endured heroically under fire.

Photographs of World War One miniatures and games.

World War One Miniatures Gallery

Over The TopWarhammer Historical also released an expansion for The Great War, called Over The Top.

Over the Top contains a full year-by-year overview of the 1915-18 period, new Battalion-level army lists for British Empire, French and German forces, and a new army list for the American Expeditionary Force, including the Devil Dogs and US Tank Companies.

It also contains detailed rules covering such actions as assaulting a trench line, or leading a hand-picked party on a trench raid, as well as background missions to set miniature wargames within the larger backdrop of some of the greatest actions of the First World War.