Constructing the Containers

I got a box of the Warhammer 40K Munitorum Armoured Containers for Christmas. You get three identical sprues which allows you to construct three containers, nine oil barrels and twelve (ammo) crates.

I built each sprue as I got it out the box.

I did think initially that the containers would be easy to build, but as the doors don’t add to the structural integrity of the model, I did for two of them press too hard when gluing the parts that they fell apart. Eventually I did get them together. Each container comes with two bolters for gluing on top. I did think it would have been nice to have an alternative choice so you didn’t need to arm all the containers.

The oil barrels go together really easily and the crates are a single casting with nothing to glue.

The next stage will be a white undercoat.

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