Warfare 2021

For the first time in ages I went to Warfare in Reading (well Ascot Racecourse).

I am pretty sure the last time I went in 2015, it was at the Rivermead Leisure Centre in Reading.

There was plenty of tournament activity and I saw some excellent Adeptus Titanicus painted titans. Either very inspiring or will really put me off painting mine!

There wasn’t as many demonstration or participation games as I thought there might be, some looked great though.

There were lots of trade stands, and is one of the reasons many people go and I did have some ideas of what I was going to buy. Though in the end I didn’t buy anything, not that I wasn’t tempted. I was quite taken by the MDF terrain from Blotz. However I still have quite a bit of MDF terrain on my workbench, so I want to get that finished before I buy any more.

I didn’t take as many photographs as I thought I would, but will post them (now and again) over the next few weeks to the blog.