Capitol Imperialis at the Tank Factory

Back at GamesDay 2001, Carl from Dropship, which alas has not been updated for many years now, put on a most excellent Epic demonstration game with some fantastic models and some fantastic scenery.

One of the key scenery pieces for me was the freight yard, railway track and one of the nice Forge World Tank Factories (which is sadly now long longer available).

Capitol Imperialis at the Tank Factory

In that shot you can also see the very nice (and also not available) Capitol Imperalis.

Sadly this model was never re-released nor was it re-imagined when Epic Armageddon came around (and went again).

I have seen what some people have done on the web, but I do wonder now and again if Forge World will ever release either an Epic or a 40K version or something similar.

2 thoughts on “Capitol Imperialis at the Tank Factory”

  1. The CI was supposed to be re-released and the demise of SG was what finally killed it. I am not sure which army it was intended to come out for but Jervis did talk about getting it redesignsed and recast.
    Pity it won’t be showing uo as it is a great mini.

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