Capitol Imperialis (a BIG one)

I have shown a few pictures of various Epic scale Capitol Imperialis in the blog and on the website. Nice to see a really nice Warhammer 40K scale version on BoLS recently.

Capitol Imperialis (a BIG one)

Though still a work in progress, it’s a really nice model.

Follow the course of the model on the BoLS has been removed…

3 thoughts on “Capitol Imperialis (a BIG one)”

  1. bluming heck. i didn’t know they were this big. I thought they were like a box with loads of guns on and was going to say that where is the big gun. This picture explains it all to me!

  2. OMG i just have 3000 points and r looking 4 a small (ish) model to get meh more points, i was thinking imperator but 5 ft?
    so i thought this but……

  3. The fluff suggested that the Capitol Imperialis (or its upgraded version known as Discotheca Imperialis 😛 ) can hold 30 tanks ,10 super heavies or 3 Line Infantry companies! so i think the CI (or even DI) should be THAT bigger! (tanks are held at 1st floor, the upper floors are for troops)
    Luv it BTW meow~

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