Bolt Action Italian Army List

This posting is for Simon, though I suspect he might already have seen this.

Bolt Action Italian Army List

Warlord Games have published on their website a PDF of a get-you-by army list for the Italians.

Update: the PDF is no longer available now the Italian Army book has been published.

The latest in our recent series of ‘get-you-by’ lists in here! Allowing you to field Italian armies of fascist dictator Benito Mussolini this army list gives you the basics of the Italian army during World War II. A full list will be published in the ‘Armies of Italy and the Axis’ later this year but for now this will allow you to take on the might of the Allied forces!

Avanti Camerati!

I am still in the process of painting my Partisan Band for Bolt Action.

Whereas I went for irregulars, Simon went for the Italians. Now he will have the rules, not sure about rules for my models though.

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