Downed Valkyrie

Forge World have announced a new piece of scenery, a downed Valkyrie flyer.

Downed Valkyrie

This large scenery piece would make a great objective to fight over in games of 40K, or perhaps even in a scenario where the surviviors of the crash-landing have to avoid capture and fight their way out of enemy held territory! (Yes, I get excited by new models. Did you not know that by now?) This Valkyrie has certainly taken quite a pounding, with the fuselage riddled with bullet holes and several huge holes in the remains of the port wing. The interior is still fully detailed but half-filled with dirt after the forced landing.

I really like the downed Valkyrie, though I would have thought the front of the craft would have been more damaged in the “crash”.

I also like the fact at £36 it is half the price of an undamaged flyer.

Battle of the Five Armies on Advance Order

You can now advance order GW’s 10mm Battle of the Five Armies game, to be released 8th March 2005…

Battle of the Five Armies on Advance Order

The Battle of the Five Armies is from JRR Tokien’s superb story, The Hobbit, and is a large mass battle between goblins and wargs, versus the armies of dwarves, elves and man, with Eagles, a dragon, and some hobbits…

This boxed game contains everything you need to get started with the The Battle of Five Armies game system. A full colour 96 page Rules Manual, 9 characters & Beorn, 24 stands of Goblin infantry, 12 stands of Goblin Wolf Riders, 12 stands of Wargs, 3 stands of Men with bows, 3 stands of Men with spears, 6 stands of Dwarves, 6 stands of Elves with spears, 6 stands of Elves with bows, 3 stands of Eagles, 2 plastic hill sections, plastic ruins, card river sections and assorted dice & templates.

It will cost £50 which is about what you would expect from GW.

Big Gunz

I do like these Big Gunz models.

Big Gunz

They are very quick and easy to paint. I start off with black, then drybrush Tin Bitz, then a lighter drybrush with Boltgun Metal. Details are then picked out with yellow and red paint.

They recently took part in a game.

Big Gunz

And they didn’t do too well… even with a 36″ range I was too often out of range. Also as an ordnance weapon I couldn’t fire at the Valkyrie which flew onto the table.

Berlin The Downfall 1945, a disturbing time in history…

Berlin The Downfall 1945, a disturbing time in history...

I am in the middle of reading Berlin: The Downfall 1945 by Antony Beevor, the author of Stalingrad.

The Soviet attack on Germany in 1945 did result in the end of the war, and this book does not hide any of the nasty and gruesome details of that part of the war.

The advance on Berlin – it was to be the largest battle in history – began at exactly 4am on 16 April, 1945. Along the Oder Neisse front, two and a half million Soviet troops attacked one million Germans. The panic this induced in the German civilian population is easy to imagine. Hitler had sworn that Germany would never be invaded, yet now overwhelming Soviet armies were advancing on Berlin. Hitler, ensconced deep in his concrete bunker, could only scream at his military staff, denouncing the cowardice of the Wehrmacht. He had become convinced that Germany’s defeat proved that its people were not worthy of him – that they deserved to die. With many a score to settle from the German invasion of Russia in 1941, the battle was one of the most terrifying examples of fire and sword recorded, with mass rape, murder, pillage and destruction. Men, women and children suffered to the end from folly, cruelty and the naked exercise of power on a massive scale.

As with Stalingrad this book certainly evokes the horror of the time.