Zzap Gun

Today I had my first game using the new Ork Codex and my Ork Gunwagon was armed with a Zzap Gun. Now in the old Codex the Zzap Gun automatically hit its target and you rolled 2D6 for the strength of the attack.

Now in the new Codex, the range has been extended to 36″ however no mention is made of automatically hitting anymore.

So what does this mean, do I now have to roll to hit as well as rolling strength?

If so what is the point of the Zzap Gun, might as well get a Kannon which always has a strength 8 shell shot which is (on average) higher than the strength of the Zzap Gun.

I may have missed the bit in the rules which talks about automatic hits, but in the old Codex it was quite explicit.

Of course playing revised rules means you miss some new rules which benefit your side (Furious Charge) and some which benefit the opposition (there may have been a Stormboyz rule I missed).

Overall my Orks  did not do so well, but the Squiggoth and the Fighter Bomma performed above expectations.

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