Victorian Science Fiction Steam Tank

Here is my Victorian Science Fiction Steam Tank from Ironclad  Miniatures from a recent game.

Victorian Science Fiction Steam Tank

Alongside them are some Foundry Darkest Africa miniatures from Simon’s collection.

We didn’t use the steam tank as a model in the game, merely as scenery.

Victorian Science Fiction Steam Tank

I am thinking about how I can create rules for the steam tank for the Legends of the Old West rules. I have been looking at the tank rules in The Great War rules and I think that they could work with a little work. My main concern is that the weapons usually found in the old west probably weren’t able to do much damage to a VSF steam tank and therefore as well as rules for the steam tank, I also need to think about some steampunk weapons for those fighting against the steam tank.

Though I am sure an Elephant Gun might be able to do some damage…

See how the Steam Tank was painted. More photographs of the Steam Tank. See the Old West Miniatures Gallery.

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  1. That steam tank is probably boilerplate, or at the most face-hardened steel: a .470″ nitro express elephant gun bullet is going to go straight through it. Find the rules for anti-tank rifles, an elephant gun is almost the same thing.

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