US Army "Bolter"

The US Army has released details of their new infantry weapon the XM-25. It is a very futuristic looking weapon.
Once you take of the camo, it still looks very futuristic. Something out of ALIENS or Starship Troopers.
One of the interesting features of the gun is that you can program the rounds and they can explode “over” a target, meaning that cover is a thing of the past!

The system launches 25mm programmable rounds which can explode over a target.
If the Soldier “wants to get that round in the window … what’s he’s able to do with the high explosive round is he’s able to laser designate the building and the round will then fly through the window and explode inside the room,” Lehner said.
Aboard the XM25 is a laser rangefinder that can measure the distance to the target and place an adjusted aim point on a targeting screen. The system then allows Soldiers to choose to over-shoot the measured distance so the round will explode inside the building. The targeting computer programs the round to explode at the designated distance. The system allows Soldiers to hit targets they cannot see, because they are hiding behind walls, inside buildings or behind natural obstructions.

Read more on the XM-25 from the US Army Press Release.

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