Tried out the Mega Dread

Though not finished, after  a quick game today, decided to try out my new Mega Dread on the gaming table.

Quite a tough cookie for my opponent, Simon, who only had ten Marines.

In order to give him a chance, we reduced the rear armour on the Mega Dread from 11 to 10, otherwise those Space Marine Bolters would have no chance of doing any damage. We also allowed all the Marines to be armed with Melta Bombs, likewise they would have no chance of harming the Mega Dread with their “bare hands”. There were two Marines with heavy weapons, one with a missile launcher and one with a flamer.

Apart from not being able to use the Big Shootas on the Mega Dread when using the twin-linked Kill Kannon, it was quite a tough fight. In the end the Marines won out, though not before the Mega Dread managed to take out seven of them.

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