The Return of Blake’s Seven

Back in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s alongside Doctor Who the BBC broadcast an excellent sci-fi series called Blake’s Seven.

When it was broadcast I use to watch it and thought it was fantastic.

Blake’s Seven

I have never tried to watch it again now, as I know I will destroy my treasured memories as at the time the sets and effects were fantastic, today they will look horrible, tacky and cheap!

Having said all that I am pleased to hear that there is to be a new series of Blake’s Seven which will be made for Sky.

A new remake of sci-fi series Blake’s 7 could soon return to television screens, Sky One has revealed.

The satellite channel has given the green light for the development of two 60-minute scripts for a “potential event series”.

I am already looking forward to it.

Of course from a gaming perspective, the battles between the rebels and the “evil” Federation are just waiting to be recreated on the table. We also have the starship battles with the infamous Liberator.

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