Tauros Venator Rapid Strike Vehicle

Back in September 2009 live from GamesDay I posted an image of the then described Elysian FAV. This was the first peek of something new and exciting. I later posted a larger image.

Well today Forge World announced the release of the FAV, or give it it’s proper name, the Tauros Venator Rapid Strike Vehicle.


New for the Elysians is the Tauros Venator, a six-wheeled rapid strike and scout vehicle. Light, fast and heavily armed, these all terrain attack vehicles are used for rapid reconnaissance and savage lightning raids in support of the drop troop landings. Designed by Will Hayes, with Elysian crewmen by Simon Egan, this full resin model comes with the choice to mount either a twin-linked multi-laser or twin-linked lascannon as well as optional hunter-killer missiles. This is a great model and something genuinely new for the Imperial Guard and Elysian range.

Really like this, and would really like to get a squadron. At £34 they are a little more pricey then I would like, but it is a really nice model.

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