Fantasy Flight Games have announced their new miniatures game of Tactical Fleet Battles in the Star Wars Galaxy.

Star Wars: Armada

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the upcoming release of Star Wars™: Armada, a two-player miniatures game of epic fleet battles in the Star Wars galaxy!

Massive Star Destroyers fly to battle against Rebel corvettes and frigates. Banks of turbolasers unleash torrential volleys of fire against squadrons of X-wings and TIEs. Engineering teams race to route additional power to failing shields. Laser blasts and explosions flare across the battlefield. Even a single ship can change the tide of battle.

In Star Wars: Armada, you assume the role of fleet admiral, serving with either the Imperial Navy or Rebel Alliance. You assemble your fleet and engage the enemy. Using the game’s unique maneuver tool, you steer your capital ships across the battlefield, even while squadrons of starfighters buzz around them. Then, as these ships exchange fire, it’s your job to issue the tactical commands that will decide the course of battle and, perhaps, the fate of the galaxy.

I always liked the ideas behind their Star Wars: X-Wing game (though to be honest I never actually went out and bought a copy Update I did go and buy a copy…). Many years ago I played many games of Star Trek starship combat using the Full Thrust rules and I did play a few games using Full Thrust and some MicroMachines Star Wars models. This new game has quite a lot that appeals, includng some really nice looking pre-painted models.


I think though (and this also applies to the X-Wing game) that the bases on the models, though obviously useful in game terms, do detract from the models and I would suspect when playing, the look and feel of the game. However that is a minor point.

As with X-Wing, and as indicated on the press release, we will see more models as expansion packs.

Looks good.

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