Space Marine Dreadnought

A Dreadnought is piloted by a mighty warrior who has been saved from death by his internment within its armoured sarcophagus. In this way the warrior can continue to vanquish the foes of the Emperor for many centuries, or even millennia.

Spearheading the assaults of the Space Marines, Dreadnoughts are feared by all foes of the Imperium. On the battlefield they are death incarnate, with powerful weapons blasting their foes and lethal close combat weaponry crackling with deadly energies. There are few opponents in the galaxy who can stand against such armoured savagery.

This Space Marine Dreadnought was one of the models included the Assault on Black Reach boxed set. The Warhammer 40,000 Assault on Black Reach was 5th edition’s “boxed game” or “starter set”.

Having constructed the model I then put it away for a while…

I got the model out of storage and decided I would paint this up as an Imperial Fists Dreadnought to accompany my new Deimos-pattern Rhino.

I gave it a white undercoat using White Scar spray.

The next stage is either a yellow spray, or to use the new Imperial Fist contrast paint.

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