So where are the pictures and the news?

So GamesDay 2008 was now just under a week ago and is it just me, or is anyone else disappointed that there are no pictures (or even news) on the official Games Workshop website.

I have seen the Golden Demon Slayer Sword winner on Stuff of Legends, but they still have more photographs to come (over 800)… It would seem that SoL was given special access to the Golden Demon entries, now that would have made my life easier, but hey ho…

I know I got my pictures up fast (hey I was uploading pictures all day to the blog while I was there) and then uploaded the (better quality) images to the web that night.

I wouldn’t expect others to be that fast (I was quite slow in 2007) and this year was an experiment to see if I could be really fast. However seven days later and no images whatsoever on the official GW site. According to White Dwarf Online they will have some images up on the 26th September. Watch that space!


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